Thursday, February 1, 2018

Michigan Customer Choice Cap Tracking

Customer Choice participation is limited to 10 percent of Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation's (UMERC) weather-adjusted sales for the previous calendar year. Current program status:

UMERC 2017 Calendar Year Total Retail Sales887,648 MWh
UMERC 2017 Weather Adjusted Retail Sales (WARS)*890,764 MWh% of WARS
UMERC 2018 Customer Choice Cap89,076 MWh10.00%
Active Customer Choice Participation266,074 MWh29.87%
Pending Customer Choice Participation (Not yet served by an AES)0 MWh  0.00%
2017 Available Energy Allotments0 MWh  0.00%
Enrollments in Queue1
Total Load in Queue115,630 MWh 12.98%

*Normalization Methodology: With the creation of UMERC, Residential and Small C&I sales in both the WPSC Rate Zone and the WEPCo Rate Zone are now weather normalized using Iron Mountain weather.  Both zones use the same monthly weather normalization coefficients for heating and cooling degree days (base = 65).  Twenty year rolling average weather is used for “normal” weather.

For the most recent summary of year-to-date sales, please refer to:
Appendix to Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR) 45-Day Report
Frances Hardrick - Michigan Supplier Liaison