Friday, December 9, 2016

Michigan Customer Choice Cap Tracking

Customer Choice participation is limited to 10 percent of Wisconsin Electric Power Company's weather-adjusted sales for the previous calendar year within its Michigan jurisdiction. Current program status:

Wisconsin Electric 2015 Calendar Year Total Retail Sales2,563,391 MWh
Wisconsin Electric 2015 Weather Adjusted Retail Sales (WARS)*2,563,391 MWh% of WARS
Wisconsin Electric 2016 Customer Choice Cap256,339 MWh10.00%
Active Customer Choice Participation235,196 MWh  9.17%
Pending Customer Choice Participation (Not yet served by an AES)2,456 MWh  0.10%
2015 Available Energy Allotments18,687 MWh  0.73%
Enrollments in Queue0
Total Load in Queue0 MWh  0.00%

*Sales are normalized on a system-wide rather than jurisdictional basis. Since most of our weather- sensitive load is within Wisconsin, and the weather variables for normalized adjustments are based on weather at Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport, all adjustments are applied to Wisconsin sales, which effectively means the actual and weather-normalized sales in Michigan are identical.

For the most recent summary of year-to-date sales, please refer to:
Appendix to Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR) 45-Day Report

Christine Kane - Regulatory
Frances Hardrick / Kristy Schwab-Jacobs - Michigan Supplier Liaisons